Trilha Inca
Uma aventura pelo caminho do Sol

The Open Date allows you to book your trek for a probable date therefore a non-definitive date. This means that until you confirm or change the date, we cannot book your trek. Once the trek is booked, it is no longer possible to change the date. With this in mind, please select the Open Date option only if it is really necessary.

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Reservation is for a trek in for the current season that goes until 31 dezembro 2024. If you want to do this trek from 01 janeiro 2025, you can pre-reserve your trek now.
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Ver disponibilidade Attention! Only the days with available spaces can be selected in the calendar. The first available day is 25 outubro.
Espaços disponíveis:
By selecting the option Open date, you are defining a probable date for your trek, but with the possibility to change it later for free (see conditions).
Please notice that it's not possible to book with an open date for a day with 48 spaces or less.
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veja o comparativo Starting on 2 people, you can chose a private trek, without other people in the same group.