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Trek on March 22
03 fev. 2010, 14:02


My name is Melissa. I am scheduled to hike the Inca trail with two other people on March 22, 2010. I have been watching the news reports about the flooding and evacuation of tourists from Machu Picchu and am wondering whether we will be able to do our trek. We do not want to cancel if it is still possible and safe to go. I would appreciate any update you can give us at this time. Please put my name on an email list and send out updates on what is happening there.

Thank you.



Re: Trek on March 22
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03 fev. 2010, 22:27

Dear Melissa,

Thank you for your email. For now, authorities expect that the Inca Trail will be open on March 1, like every year. We think so too.

The trail has not been strongly damaged so the usual maintenance is taking place on the site. The problem are the access routes by train that have been seriously damaged by floods. Reconstruction of the railroad has already started but in the event they are not finished in time for the reopening, we will arrange some alternate transportation to go back to Cusco. Nothing is final yet, we are waiting to see how fast reconstruction goes. For now, your trek is still on for March 22.

Don't worry, we will let you know in the next days if there are changes to expect in your reservation.

Best wishes,

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