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Inca-trail trip
01 ago. 2012, 06:13

Dear Team,

I am in Cusco from the 12th (earliest start date) to the 18th of February (latest possibility to come back) 2013. During this time I would like to attend the Inca-Trail trip (4 days/ 3 nights). I am alone, my wife will stay in Cusco. I would have no problem to share a tent - if it is not possible please calculate it. Can you offer me a trip during this time?

With best regards


Re: Inca-trail trip
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01 ago. 2012, 14:36

Dear Wolfgang,

Thank you for you email and for your interest in our services.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to do the Inca Trail in February because it will be closed. It is closed every year in February for maintenance and because it is the worst month of the rainy season. I am sorry. And this is not for our agency, the trail is really closed for everybody.

Which is not closed is Machu Picchu, so you can still visit the citadel, on a round trip by train.

Best regards,

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